Company Profile

Company Profile

Jinjiang Yueshuang Import & Export Trade Co., Ltd. is 25 kilometers away from Xiangzhi Town, Shishi City, Fujian Province. Our port is adjacent Taiwan.Based on this natural advantage, we can stably provide fresh and quality sea products with a more favorable price.  

Our main products are Canned Fish,Farm Fish, Frozen fish, Squid products,Dry Fish,Shrimps and Prawns.  

The Canned Fish products are: Canned Sardines in Vegetable oil 125g,Canned Sardines in Tomato Sauce 155g and 425 g,Canned Mackerel and Canned Tuna.  

The Farm Fish are: Tilapia Fish,Tilapia Fillet,Pomfret Fish and Grey Mullet Fish.  

The Frozen products include: Pacific Mackerel,Indian Mackerel,Spanish Mackerel,Horse Mackerel,Sardines,Scad Fish,Anchovy Fish,all kind of Tuna Fish,,Moon Fish and Yellow tail Fish.  

Our Squid products include Japanese Squid, Illex Squid,Indian Squid,Equatorial Squid,Giant Squid, black squid. All processed products are produced under sanitation requirements.  

Our Dry seafood fish includes Dry Squid,Dry Anchovies,Dry Scad,Dry Tilapia and so on….  

All processed products are produced under sanitation requirements.  

And finally we also have Shrimps and Prawns of all sorts: Frozen and Dried.  

The products are mainly sold to many countries in South America ,the Middle East and Africa. We have experience in seafood exports and provide professional services. We sincerely welcome overseas companies and customers to establish business relationships with us.We will provide you with quality products and competitive prices.  

We have a rich experience. Our company has its own SOP system (standard operating procedure) to ensure smooth development and quality of each order. Our company's refrigeration capacity reaches 2,000 tons, with a daily output of about 100 tons.  

Product inspection: All products are certified by HACCP, CNAS, HALAL, ISO 9001, and the products are used in Human Consumption, Fish bait, Can Food and Animals Feed.  

Why can we can guarantee the quality of our products? We can do so because the products are inspected by a high quality control staff.

We have a Modern High Quality Storage facility and our various products ensures that our buyers can truly use us as a "one-stop shop".

We have a professional and high-skilled professional team that delivers high quality products.



Our advantage

◇ The professional knowledge of the seafood industry 

◇ More than 10 Professional reports provided with more than 100 photos;

◇ Various languages ability: Mandarin - English - Spanish - Russian - French;

◇ Service: 7 × 24

◇ A very professional Control and Inspection team;

◇ Price and cost effectiveness;

◇ Efficient: Within 24 hours - 1 working day.