Do you know any marine fish that are commonly eaten? Take you to know 7 common marine fish, each of them is delicious

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Yellow croaker, also called yellow croaker, has a yellowish lower abdomen and a grayish-yellow dorsal fin. The whole body is very beautiful, golden and golden. Yellow croaker is divided into large yellow croaker and small yellow croaker.

1, Yellow croaker

Yellow croaker, also called yellow croaker, has a yellowish lower abdomen and a grayish-yellow dorsal fin. The whole body is very beautiful, golden and golden.

Yellow croaker is divided into large yellow croaker and small yellow croaker. In addition to the difference in appearance, the price is different. Large yellow croaker is more expensive. Therefore, you must learn to distinguish when buying. Let's share the difference between large yellow croaker and small yellow croaker.

Head and eyes: There is a clear difference between the head and eyes of large yellow croaker and small yellow croaker. The head of small yellow croaker is longer, but the eyes are relatively small, while the head and eyes of large yellow croaker are relatively large, and there are also obvious differences in the tail stalk. The tail stalk of the large yellow croaker is long and plucked, while the tail stalk of the king croaker is wide and short.

Scales: The scales of large yellow croaker are relatively small. There are 8-9 rows of scales between the dorsal fin and the lateral line, while the scales on the body surface of the small yellow croaker are relatively large. There are only 5-6 rows of scales between the dorsal fin and the lateral line.

Weight and length: Large yellow croaker and small yellow croaker also have obvious differences in weight and body length. The body length of large yellow croaker is mostly between 40 and 50 cm. Its weight is about one kilogram. Large yellow croaker can even exceed the body length. 80 cm, the weight can be as high as 4 to 5 kg. The small yellow croaker is relatively short in length, most of which are between 16 and 25 cm in length. The largest small yellow croaker does not exceed 50 cm in length, and their weight is mostly between 100 grams and 300 grams.

In the method of yellow croaker, generally large yellow croaker is used for roasting or steaming, while small yellow croaker is mostly used for frying. The method of roasting is similar to that of other braised fish. After frying, make the sauce and cook with the fish.

2, Hairtail

Hairtail may be the most recognizable fish. It is as long as a ribbon, silvery white, black mouth, very pointed head and big mouth, and a mature hairtail is about 1 meter in length.

Buy octopus at vegetable markets and supermarkets. There are fresh and frozen octopus segments. Generally, small supermarkets may have more frozen octopus segments. Hairtail is mainly eaten in braised and fried. The method of braised octopus is to clean and cut the octopus into sections, marinate with onion, ginger, garlic and cooking wine, and then fry it first. After frying, prepare the braised sauce for cooking, and the sauce is ready and the pan is ready.

3. Salmon

Salmon is also called salmon or salmon. It is a very beautiful fish with a silver body and small spots on its back and fins. The more salmon we usually eat and see may be fish, the famous salmon sashimi.

I have eaten salmon. I never knew what salmon looks like before. I thought that the fish is orange-red, and the body of the fish must be colorful. The first time I saw salmon was on TV. Nicholas Tse participated in a food show and saw him. Cooking a fresh salmon, the original appearance is similar to ordinary fish, there is a kind of surprising feeling at that time.

The way to eat salmon, we usually encounter more raw food, dipped in mustard. In fact, it is better to heat salmon. Moderate heating will not damage the protein and unsaturated fatty acids in the salmon, but is more conducive to protein. Digestion and absorption can also prevent infection of parasites.

4. Cuttlefish

The cuttlefish has a short body and a shield shape. The cuttlefish is also called a squid, because when it encounters a strong enemy, it will spray ink and disturb the enemy's sight and escape, hence the name. Cuttlefish are mollusks, but they have a hard shell on the back of the body.

The cuttlefish that we usually buy are more dried cuttlefish. I used to live in Hunan for a few years. At the tables of every household in Hunan, one of the soups often stewed is cuttlefish ribs soup. Next, let’s share the homemade dip of dried cuttlefish. Hair method.

Soaking: Put the dried cuttlefish in a basin, add cold water to soak for 12 hours, let it rehydrate and soften, remove the shell on the back, and remove the black skin and ink sac. These two places are not edible, and the result is white. The cuttlefish can be cut into slices or strips, and stewed in pork rib soup. It is best to order peanuts at home. It is so delicious and often stewed at home.

5. Squid

The squid has a cone-shaped body, pale body color, hazel spots, a large head, 10 feet on the front, and triangular fins at the end, which are highly recognizable.

When we eat a lot of squid, it might be a late-night snack stall. The grilled squid is so delicious. Every time we pass the late-night snack stall and smell the grilled squid, we can’t move our legs.

Make your own squid at home and just stir fry. After the squid is cleaned, cut the squid into sections, cut the squid body with a flower knife, prepare the onion, ginger, garlic and chili, add the onion, ginger, garlic and chili to heat, add the onion, ginger, garlic and chili to stir fry for a fragrance, then add the squid and stir-fry on high heat. The plate is delicious.

6. Octopus

Looking at cuttlefish, squid and octopus, we can see that they have wrists on the head, which is the same as this long whisker, but they are different. Cuttlefish and squid have 10 wrists, while octopus has 8 wrists. , So octopus is also called octopus.

The octopus's homemade method can be fried, but because the octopus is slippery, it may not be easy to cut. After washing it, you can blanch it in boiling water first, and it will be much easier to cut. Next, you can do it like our daily fried meat. You can use green onions, garlic moss, peppers, etc. as side dishes, and the taste is crisp and fresh.

7. Long Lee Fish

Longli fish is a bit like a pike. Longli fish has few bones, high meat yield, contains unsaturated fatty acids, is rich in nutrition, and is not old after being cooked for a long time, without any fishy smell and no peculiar smell. It is a very excellent fish.

Because Long Liyu is rich in nutrients, its price is not low, generally around 50 yuan a catty, and the unit price of high-quality even reaches 100 yuan. Most of the longli fish we usually buy are longli fish meat, which is delicious when it is fried or made into soup.

Some people say that this supermarket has seen Longli fish is very cheap, about 10 yuan per catty, in fact, this is not Longli fish, but pangasius. Pangasius is the same as longli fish with more meat and less thorns, and it is also cooked for a long time. Peculiar smell, but pangasius is a freshwater fish, and it contains saturated fatty acids, so its nutritional value is incomparable with that of longli fish. When buying, be careful not to look cheap, because the cheap one is pangasius.

To distinguish between arowana and pangasius, you can look at the appearance of the fish. Because the pangasius contains saturated fatty acids, there is a thick layer of fat under the skin, like white lard, and compared to the fillets of arowana and pangasius, Pangasius is very thick, while Longliyu is thin.

For the way to eat Longli Fish, I recommend Tomato Longli Fish Pot, which is not only good-looking and delicious, but also a high-quality reduced-fat meal. You can eat it without fear of getting fat.

Tomato Longliyu Method: After cleaning Longliyu, cut the fish into pieces, marinate it with pepper and ginger for a while, cook it in boiling water and remove it for later use. Peel and cut the tomatoes into small pieces. Pour the oil in the wok to remove the tomatoes. Stir-fry the "red oil", add two spoons of tomato sauce to increase the acidity and color, then add an appropriate amount of water to boil and then pour in the longli fish cubes, boil it again, and then take it out of the pan.

Tomato Dragon Fish

After analyzing the nutritional elements, in fact, the nutritional value of marine fish and freshwater fish is not particularly different, but the selling price is quite different. Generally, marine fish are more expensive than freshwater fish.

In fact, the main difference between them is the taste. Compared with freshwater fish, the taste of marine fish is firmer and saltier.

Regardless of marine fish or freshwater fish, they are very nutritious. It is recommended to eat more daily. If you have the opportunity, you can buy all kinds of fish to try the taste and see if there are surprises.

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