Eat more fish in winter, and eat these 4 kinds of fish. At present, it is difficult to artificially breed them. They are all wild marine fishes!

Column:Industry News Time:2020-12-18
Although there are many marine fish farmers, there are still many fish that cannot be cultivated artificially, especially fish in the deep sea. It takes a lot of cost to breed fish. Even if the cost is in place,

The biggest advantage of living by the sea is probably the seafood you can’t eat! Because I lived by the sea since I was young, I have eaten a lot of various kinds of seafood. What’s interesting is that we don’t buy seafood here in the supermarket. We rarely buy it at the market. Instead, we like to buy it at the fishing port and wharf early. The most important ones are wild fish that have just been salvaged, and the most important thing is to be able to buy wild fish. Because there are a lot of fish on the market that are cultivated artificially, whether it is marine fish or freshwater fish, there are many. Although these farmed fish are large in quantity and affordable, their taste and nutrition are far less good than wild ones, so if you eat fish, you must eat wild fish.

Although there are many fish farmers, there are still many fish that cannot be cultivated artificially, especially Fish in the deep sea requires a lot of cost to breed. Even if the cost is in place, the effect may not be good, so there is still a small part of wild fish on the market. Today, I will share with you 4 kinds of sea fishes. If you eat fish, you will eat these 4 kinds. They are currently difficult to cultivate artificially. They are all wild sea fishes! Let's take a look together.

The first type: hairtail
octopus is the most common sea fish in the market. It is usually frozen and fresh in the market. In fact, it is Because hairtails live in the middle and lower layers of the sea, they can’t stand the pressure when they are salvaged and won’t survive long, so they are all chilled in the market. Hairtails have relatively high living conditions and are not easy to breed, so there are few hairtails on the market.

There are many ways to make octopus, the most common ones are pan-fried, braised, steamed, etc. The taste is very good. Tasty. Note: Because hairtail does not have scales, it is easy to fry when frying. You can wrap it with egg liquid and dry flour to make it look good and delicious.

Second species: Mackerel

 Mackerel is a deep-sea fish, it is divided into different places of production, some places the price is cheap, some places the price Expensive, its price is mainly determined by its size. However, Hainan's mackerel is very famous and highly sought after by many seafood lovers. It is called "the best of fish". Because the mackerel lives in the deep sea, it is also a fish that cannot survive on a boat. Similarly, it is more difficult to cultivate artificially. Basically, all those seen on the market are wild-caught.

Mackerel is delicious, and there are many suitable methods. The most famous local is salt marinating. Then it is fried and cooked with soy sauce, lemon juice and other dipping sauces. The taste is particularly fragrant, which is simply a "artifact" for the meal.

The third type: dragon head fish
The meat of dragon head fish is soft and tender like tofu, so we often call it tofu fish. The dragon head fish lives in the sea with a depth of more than 50 meters and can be seen with the naked eye. This kind of fish is relatively large in quantity and relatively low in price, so it has no economic value, so few people specialize in breeding it, and all the fish on the market are wild. In addition, the price of this fish is not expensive and everyone can afford it, so don't miss it.

The method of faucet fish: steaming, frying, braising and other methods, no need to do too complicated, simple The method can be made delicious.

Fourth species: Anglerfish

Anglerfish looks a bit ugly, looks even a bit appetite, but in fact it tastes very good Yes, it tastes delicious. The anglerfish sold in the market are all wild, because it is difficult to breed. The anglerfish lives on the bottom of the deep sea at 500-1000 meters. It is a typical deep-sea fish, so it is very difficult to breed. There are many ways to make anglerfish. Steamed, braised, and congee are all good choices.

Eat more fish in winter. If you eat fish, you will eat the above 4 species. It is currently difficult to cultivate artificially and they are all wild Marine fish!